Your essential guide to 2021’s hottest colours

With many future residents of Maison focussing on what their new homes will soon look like, let’s explore what interior colours are hot right now. 

Given the events of the past 12 months, we have all become a lot more familiar with the places we call home. 

Experts are tipping the colour trends you’ll see will be largely calming and soothing.  

According to Berger Paintsit’s about “calming earth-inspired tones, restorative neutrals and unexpected pops of colour”. 


Think green 

“Green is the new black’’, says Berger. 

If you like green, then you’re right on trend. From lush dark greens to uplifting tones, it reminds us of nature. And according to any number of authorities on colour psychology, green is calming, stress relieving and a symbol of rebirth. 

Another calming colour is blue, with pastel and pale shades tipped to be top choices this year.  

Again, according to Berger: “These simple, understated shades are effortlessly chic by day and cosy by night, adding a grounded yet luxurious atmosphere to any room.’’ 

Soft yellows, used as an accent to blues and greens, looks great in a bedroom colour combination.   

For the ever-popular complementary neutral tones, the company believes monochrome tones of lilac, navy and brown will be leading the home paint colour charts for 2021. 


An emerging trend  

With the ability of colour to influence our mood, expect to see similar hues in other aspects of life as well, including company branding and logos 

According to online design tool Canva, along with earthy hues there’ll be fresh takes on colours such as cerulean blue, “ash green” and “burnt coral”, against the uncertainty of 2020.  


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